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Orchard TV

Introduction Training Videos


Pluralsight has an introductory training course available here: http://www.pluralsight-training.net/microsoft/courses/tableofcontents?courseName=orchard-fundamentals

The first part of the Pluralsight video course is free, and subsequent episodes require a subscription.

Orchard CMS Theme Development For Beginners

Orchard CMS Theme Development for Beginners by Abhishek Luv

Orchard CMS Tutorial : Recipes in Orchard CMS

Orchard CMS Tutorial : Recipes in Orchard CMS by Abhishek Luv

Orchard CMS Tutorial : Workflows in Orchard CMS

Orchard CMS Tutorial : Workflows in Orchard CMS by Abhishek Luv


Dojo Course

Course for beginners interested in developing on Orchard, starting with how to use Orchard from the UI.

Introduction to Orchard 1.5 by S├ębastien Ros

A 4-part series by Brent Arias:

Introduction to Orchard 1.4 by Bertrand Le Roy:

Orchard CMS for Absolute Beginners - Free Udemy Course

Orchard CMS for Absolute Beginners by Abhishek Luv

Hands-on Labs

Kris van der Mast made his hands-on lab material available to anyone for free: http://www.krisvandermast.com/downloads.html


CodeStock 11

Grow Your Website using Orchard by Jason Gaylord

TechEd 11

Orchard 1.1: Build,Customize,Extend,Ship by Sébastien Ros

TechDays 11

TechDays 11 Basel - Develop and maintain CMS solutions using WebMatrix and Orchard by Ken Casada


Deconstructing Orchard: Build, Customize, Extend, Ship by Brad Millington


Bertrand Le Roy at LIDNUG


Getting Started With Custom Theme Development

Ryan Keeter's Creating an Orchard Theme

Part 0 of the series, with links to the other episodes

Using Ad-Hoc Shapes

Using Ad-Hoc Shapes


Deploying an Orchard site using WebMatrix

Migrating from SqlCe to SQL Express


Getting Started With Taxonomies


Live demo of Projector by S├ębastien Ros


Setting up a source code environment


Building a Multilanguage Website Struture